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Chill out, you beautiful people, the Versace beach is refrigerated

Versace, the renowned fashion house, is to create the world’s first refrigerated beach so that hotel guests can walk comfortably across the sand on scorching days.

The beach will be next to the the new Palazzo Versace hotel which is being built in Dubai where summer temperatures average 40C and can reach 50C.

The beach will have a network of pipes beneath the sand containing a coolant that will absorb heat from the surface.

The swimming pool will be refrigerated and there are also proposals to install giant blowers to waft a gentle breeze over the beach.

The scheme is likely to infuriate environmentalists. The revelation comes as more than 11,000 politicians, green campaigners and others are gathered in Poznan, Poland, for the latest talks on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Last week the Met Office released a report warning that if greenhouse gas emissions continued to rise, the world could warm by an average of 5.5C by 2100. Inefficient buildings are one of the world’s greatest sources of greenhouse gases.

However, Soheil Abedian, founder and president of Palazzo Versace, said he believed it is possible to design a refrigerated beach and make it sustainable. “We will suck the heat out of the sand to keep it cool enough to lie on,” he said. “This is the kind of luxury that top people want.”

Hyder Consulting, a British construction consultancy, is overseeing the engineering on the project. The hotel will be marketed strongly in the UK where Dubai is a popular tourist destination, attracting about 800,000 Britons a year.

Abedian’s firm began its association with Versace a decade ago with the idea of creating the first chain of luxury fashion-branded lifestyle resorts.

The first Palazzo Versace is already operating on Australia’s Gold Coast – where Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, the actors, have stayed – and the Dubai hotel will be the second when it opens late next year or early 2010. The 10-storey hotel will have 213 rooms, several with their own internal swimming pools, plus 169 apartments. Fifteen more such hotels are planned.

Competition to serve the world’s rich is getting intense, especially in Dubai. The city already boasts the world’s first seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab, while Armani, a competitor with Versace, is building a similarly branded Dubai hotel.

The refrigerated beach is designed to give Versace the edge in this battle of luxury lifestyles. The system will be controlled by thermostats linked to computers.

Versace's plans have shocked environmentalists. Rachel Noble, the campaigns officer at Tourism Concern, which promotes sustainable tourism, said that the carbon generated by such projects would contribute to climate change, whose worst effects would be felt by the poor.

“Dubai is like a bubble world where the things that are worrying the rest of the world, like climate change, are simply ignored so that people can continue their destructive lifestyles,” she said.

Aided by cheap oil and gas, Middle Eastern nations have poured enormous resources into controlling temperature. About 60% of Dubai’s huge power bill is for air-conditioning; each person living there has a carbon footprint of more than 44 tons of CO2 a year.

Versace hotel's cool beach bugs greenies

THE Versace fashion house is to create the first refrigerated beach so that hotel guests can walk comfortably across the sand on scorching days.

The beach will be next to the Palazzo Versace hotel being built in Dubai, where summer temperatures average 40C and can reach 50C.

The beach will have a network of pipes beneath the sand containing a coolant that will absorb heat from the surface.

The swimming pool will be refrigerated and there are also proposals to install giant blowers to waft a gentle breeze over the beach.

The scheme has infuriated environmentalists.

The revelation comes as more than 11,000 politicians, green campaigners and others gathered in Poznan, Poland, for the latest talks on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

However, Soheil Abedian, founder and president of Palazzo Versace, said it was possible to design a refrigerated beach and make it sustainable.

"We will suck the heat out of the sand to keep it cool enough to lie on," he said.

"This is the kind of luxury that top people want."

Mr Abedian's firm began its association with Versace a decade ago with the idea of creating the first chain of luxury, fashion-branded lifestyle resorts. The first Palazzo Versace is already operating on Australia's Gold Coast and the Dubai hotel will be the second when it opens late next year or early 2010.

The 10-storey hotel will have 213 rooms, several with their own internal swimming pools, plus 169 apartments. Fifteen more such hotels are planned.

Competition to serve the world's rich is getting intense, especially in Dubai. The city already boasts the world's first seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab, while Armani, a competitor with Versace, is building a similarly branded hotel.

The refrigerated beach is designed to give Versace the edge in this battle of luxury lifestyles. The system will be controlled by thermostats linked to computers.

Versace's plans have shocked environmentalists. Rachel Noble, the campaigns officer at Tourism Concern, which promotes sustainable tourism, said the carbon generated by such projects would contribute to climate change, whose worst effects would be felt by the poor.

"Dubai is like a bubble world where the things that are worrying the rest of the world, like climate change, are simply ignored so that people can continue their destructive lifestyles," she said.

The Sunday Times

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Colmar Travel Guide

Lying in the heart of the vineyards of the Alsace, Colmar is a city made for strolling. Its famed historic district is now a vast pedestrian zone, with medieval houses boasting carved gables, galleries with beautiful bannisters, and doors adorned with lavish woodwork.

Things to see include the Heads House (1609), the 15th-C. Customs House, the Dominican Church (with its famous "Virgin in the Rosebush" by Martin Schoengauer).

The old "Quartier des Tanneurs" (Tanner's District) and the "Petite Venise" (Little Venice) canal district are great places to walk through cobbeld streets past the old houses. The Unterlinden Museum, which houses the prized Issenheim Altarpiece by Mathias Grünewald has a good collection of sculptures and paintings from the Middle Ages.

Colmar is the birthplace of Bartholdi, creator of the Statue of the Liberty, and is home to the Bartholdi Museum.

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Venice Beach California

On the face of it, Venice Beach, California is a nothing but a three-mile long sandy beach. However, it is known to the world as the roller skating capital, as well as rich cultural history that includes a tradition of music, Beatnick poetry, and good times. Tourism is now alive and well in Venice Beach, California. It has an array of activities to offer. During the entire summer season and on the weekends, one can find every intersection of the city laced with a gamut of street entertainment artists like musicians, singers, jugglers, acrobats, mimes, comics, magicians, prophets, fortune tellers, and other assorted entertainers.

Tourists should not be enticed by visions of a balmy summer in this town. Vail receives an average of 300 days of sunshine a year with little-to-no humidity. The weather can change in a matter of hours, so it is a good idea to be prepared with extra layering when heading outdoors. Near the onset of summer, the weather can be very deceptive; temperatures at ground level can drop to freezing at night. During the summer, the average daytime temperature is an enjoyable 75 degrees, while the average evening temperature is a cool 45 degrees. The daytime highs in the hottest month, July, hit the low 70s, with lows still touching the high 30s.

There are many hotels and other types of accommodations available to stay in when you go to vacation in Venice Beach. Everything from luxury hotels to youth hostels can be found. Make your choice, and have fun.

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Daytona Beach

For your next spring vacation, take your family out to one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in the United States: Daytona Beach. Experience the relaxing yet fun atmosphere of 23 miles of sparkling sand and warm sea. And enjoy the most exciting dining and entertainment scenes this part of Florida.

If you haven’t been to Daytona Beach or Florida, check out various Daytona Beach Web sites for more information and details. Some of these sites feature live feeds from cameras in the area. Get a feel of the local scene through this footage and images.

Things to Do in Daytona Beach

Soak up the sun on the sandy beaches a short walk away from the nearest hotels. Or ride the waves in East Coast’s surfing hotspot and experience once again the thrill of your first spring break. Break out of the normal beach experience and join bike riders as you explore the stretch of the beach.

Spend a relaxing day with the sound of water lapping against the side of the boat as you read your favorite book, get a sun tan or hook some fish. Or get out of the relaxing mood and have some wild water adventure by jet skiing, windsurfing, and parasailing. At night, you can take your family out for boat cruise and admire the lights of the bay. And then head out to a good restaurant for some dinner and music.

Break from the Beach

Over the course of your vacation, make sure you also check out the other attractions of Daytona Beach. Bring your family out for a river cruise and some fishing activities. Then you can drive back to your hotel. Some areas of the beach are open to vehicles. Spend the afternoons watching the sunsets and enjoying hotdogs and cotton candy. There are also tons of entertainment and shopping centers in the area -- be sure to buy souvenirs for the people back home, because they’ll want some of the nice items you can pick up in Daytona Beach, for certain!

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World's Best Beaches from Yahoo Travel

World's Best Beaches

1. Kaanapali, Hawaii

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

3. Cancun, Mexico

4. Miami, Florida

5. Panama City, Florida

6. Montego Bay, Jamaica

7. Phuket, Thailand

8. Santa Barbara, California

9. Mikonos, Greece

10. Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Best Beaches in Asia

Been to Malibu more times than you can count? Feeling sick of those overly tanned socialites in the Hamptons? If you need a respite from American beaches, Asia is dotted with hundreds (or maybe thousands) of beaches that look as if they were custom made to fit your description of paradise. Good exchange rates and a visit during the off season (from May to September) make your stay a little cheaper, especially if you stay away from touristy areas. Of course, the plane tickets will be more expensive, but it may be worth it just to get your own little slice of heaven. Here are some of Asia's best beaches – places where you can forget all about the corporate cage.

Phi Islands, Thailand

Although heavily affected by the 2004 tsunami, the larger of the two Phi Phi islands, Phi Phi Don, is speedily rebuilding. Nevertheless, some parts of the island were virtually untouched, and some people claim that the waters are clearer and the sand even whiter than before. Known for its towering limestone cliffs, beautiful coral reefs and turquoise waters, it's hard to imagine that a place as beautiful as this even exists. Although August is the rainy season in Thailand, the off season usually brings less crowds and cheaper accommodations. Locals are quick to point out that it does not rain all day, and that there are usually only about 10 rainy days in a month. Its smaller neighbor, Phi Phi Le, is uninhabited and is a veritable Eden—it was where “The Beach” was filmed. Phi Phi Don can be reached only by boat—there are no cars on the island, meaning no blaring car alarms to jolt you from your sleep, or rude honking to ruin your sun bathing. The downside: more and more tourists are discovering the Phi Phi islands—a sign that you should plan a trip sooner rather than later.

Insider's Tip: Want to see a shark? Hin Phae is a popular place to go shark watching.

Cheju Island, Korea

Known for its popularity with honeymooners, Cheju Island (or Jeju Island), is often called the “Hawaii of the Orient” because of its volcanic origins and beautiful beaches. Located about an hour's plane ride from Seoul, Cheju island is centered around Mt. Halla, or Halla San, a dead volcano that last erupted over 1000 years ago. The big stone lava structures and carvings around the island give it an earthy, mysterious charm, and it is easy to believe in the many myths and legends told about the island. Cheju Island is ideal for those not just interested in sun bathing, even though its beaches are beautiful. Its underwater caves and rock formations make perfect homes for marine life, and in the spring, wildflowers turn rolling fields into a sea of yellow. Still relatively unknown by non-Korean tourists, Cheju Island is definitely worth discovering.

Insider's Tip: Cheju Island has a deep history that is appealing to many tourists. Its isolation from Korea in earlier centuries gave rise to a matrilineal society, and its folk villages and haenyo—women who dive into the sea in search of abalone and conch—are some of Cheju Island's biggest attractions.

Palolem, Goa, India

Goa is known for its miles of beaches, and Palolem is without a doubt one of its most beautiful. With its crescent shaped, mile long beach dotted with bamboo huts and swaying coconut trees, it's easy to feel as if you've somehow stepped into another world. Unlike some of the other beaches on Goa's coast, Palolem's sole purpose for existing is to provide beach enthusiasts with a place to relax. There are no nightclubs, and no tales of partying for four days straight, just its clear, calm waters perfect for swimming. Accommodations can be found near the beach; the bamboo huts and guest houses are much more abundant than luxury hotels. Palolem also offers dolphin watching and fishing for those who are bored with sunbathing, although its best offering is its beach. After a few days at Palolem, you'll feel as if you don't have a care in the world—and will be sorely tempted to extend your vacation for the rest of your life.

Insider's Tip: Need refreshments? Fresh fruit juices and good food can be found in the small shacks around the beach.

Boracay, Philippines

Although one might be tempted to simply bask in Boracay's white sand beaches and sparkling aqua waters, Boracay offers more than enough activities to make any sport enthusiast happy. From mountain biking to windsurfing to beach volleyball, Boracay has built up a reputation for being one of the world's best places to be active. Annual tournaments are held in both windsurfing and beach volleyball, and more customary beach sports, such as diving and snorkeling, are also very popular. But if sports aren't your cup of tea (or coconut juice), there are plenty of other things to do. The hike up to Mt. Luho promises a great view, and once up there, a nap in a hammock is a great reward for your efforts. Boracay also has a number of natural attractions, from bat caves on the northeast coast to a forest of dead trees to the south. A tour of the Dead Forest on a night of a full moon may be a fun alternative to a sweaty club. Horseback riding on the shore and island hopping are also favorites of visitors to Boracay, and massages can be had either at the beach or at a spa for as low as $10 an hour. One thing's for sure—you'll never be bored in Boracay.

Insider's Tip: The famous White Beach is often overcrowded, and justifiably so—it's breathtakingly gorgeous. But smaller sandy bays around the coast of the island can be a great (and less hectic) alternative to the crowds.

Pulau Tioman, Malaysia –where Bali Hai comes to life

Home of the fictional Bali Hai in “South Pacific”, Pulau Tioman is a haven for nature lovers who want some sun bathing on the side. Part of a string of islands off Malaysia's east coast, Pulau Tioman boasts beautiful white sand beaches along its edges and an unspoiled jungle interior. The water is clear to a depth of 100 feet, and plenty of coral reefs surround the island. Snorkeling and diving are especially popular due to the abundant marine life—parrotfish and butterfly fish are frequent sights. The jungle interior is also one of Pulau Tioman's greatest attractions, as many tourists choose to go on walking trails to discover waterfalls of their own. Pulau Tioman is sometimes thought of as Malaysia's “Galapagos Islands”, as its hills host rarities such as the Coelogyne tiomanensis orchid, which can only be found in Tioman's jungle. New species of reptiles have been discovered as recently as 2003. No doubt about it, Tioman is a unique place—a tropical paradise still yet to be fully explored.
Insider's Tip: Love fishing? Visitors to Tioman can easily rent out a boat for the day and go fishing either right by the coast or out into the deeper sea. It's perfect for a barbecue right on the beach.


Best Beaches for Surfers, Lushes, Nudists ...

This aricle in The Everything Guide to the Caribbean
from (New York Magazine)

(1) Surfers:

Spanish Wall Beach, Rincón, Puerto Rico

(2) Nudists:

Saline Beach, St. Barts

(3) Snorkeling:

Hol Chan, Caye Caulker, Belize

(4) Solitude:

North Lee Bay Beach, Fallen Jerusalem, BVI

(5) Gays:

Cupecoy Beach, Sint Maarten

(6) Billionaires:

Pinney’s Beach, Nevis

(7) Sunset:

Pink Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

(8) Drunks:

Mullins Beach, St. Peter Parish, Barbados

(9) Ganja:

Seven Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica

(10) Nonswimmers:

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

(11) Doctors:

Grand Anse, Grenada

(12) Shelling:

The JC Beach, Eleuthera Island, Bahamas

(13) Celebs:

Platinum Coast, Barbados

The Best Beaches in Vietnam

Nha Trang

Vietnam's Ocean City is very crowded in the summertime with domestic tourists, but it's a great escape. The city has a few worthy sights -- otherwise a cluttered market town -- but there are some great new resorts and the best seafood going.

Mui Ne Beach

Phan Thiet: Just a few hours from Saigon, Phan Thiet is the latest getaway for Saigon expats. There's a golf course designed by Nick Faldo, the seafood is good, and there are some great day trips to remote sand dunes and smaller fishing villages.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc boasts vast tracts of interior forestland and far-flung beaches great for exploring by motorbike. For now there's just a small clutch of mid- to low-end resorts, but the times they are a-changin' and development is on the way. Get here fast.


South America - Secluded Beaches - Best of the New World

17. Mexico's best place for a delicious nap - The beaches at the Si'aan Kaan Biosphere offer white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water. This nature preserve, located on the Yucatan peninsula-just outside Tulum-is also home to iguanas and exotic sea birds. Chances are, it'll just be you, a good book and the animals here. Should you nod off, the only thing likely to wake you will be the roar of the surf.

18. Nicaragua's best sunset views - Rancho Santana, a 1,700-acre reserve along the southern coast of Nicaragua, consists of two miles of coastline and three secluded beaches: Playa Rosada (Rose Beach), Playa Dorada (Golden Beach) and Playa Escondida (Hidden Beach). Set on a hillside, the reserve affords spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Don't be in too much of a hurry to leave after sunbathing-sunset here is unbelievably beautiful.

19. Panama's shimmering secret - Less than 25 miles from Panama City, Contadora Island boasts white-sand beaches, clear turquoise water, hidden coves and wildlife viewing. The beaches here are far less crowded than at the country's tourist resort areas. However, for a truly private experience, you can visit the beaches of other islands by boat or jet ski.

20. Argentina's best chill-out session - The Atlantic Coast of Argentina-just 200 miles from Buenos Aires-offers beautiful scenery, numerous sports activities, as well as a fair amount of solitude. The beaches in the small resort town of Pinamar are pristine and comparatively uncrowded. Located adjacent to a natural pine forest, this area is one of the most beautiful in the country. What's more, the seafood restaurants here are excellent.

21. Brazil's best place for gliders and voyeurs - Sใo Conrado beach, while not too far from the center of Rio de Janeiro, is far less crowded than Ipanema or Copacabana-and the water is cleaner. What's more, the conditions here are perfect for hang gliding. If you're not up for the experience of hovering in the air for hours, watching the gliders is a particularly satisfying leisure activity.

22. Brazil's best reason to drive 90 miles - Cabo Frio, located some 90 miles north of Rio, offers even more seclusion than Sใo Conrado. The beach here is practically deserted and is adjacent to a 17th-century convent and forts, which lend a gothic sense of drama to the experience. Beachgoers are cautioned to leave valuables in their hotel safes as thieves from nearby favelas (slums) are known to target the area.

23. Ecuador's best of both worlds - For fans of natural beaches (as opposed to theme parks), Salinas offers white sand, clear turquoise water and excellent whale watching. While this area is technically on the Pacific "Route of the Sun", (known for its numerous tourists resorts), it tends to be less crowded and more friendly. On the other hand, if you need a bit of excitement, the main road here offers relaxed strolls, shops, restaurants and even a few discos.

24. Uruguay's best place to go when you "vant to be alone" - Punta del Este is widely known for its outstanding resorts and, as such, tends to be rather touristy. The good news is that you don't have to charter a flight to get to more secluded environs. Just 52 miles from the crowds of Punta del Este, Bahํa Grande boasts beautiful beaches (wider, in fact, than their Punta del Este counterparts), a mere smattering of people and blue-green water. Visit the beachfront town of La Paloma, which is known for its remarkable lighthouse.

Michael Russell

Best beaches for families in US


1. Nantucket, Mass.

2. Hilton Head Island, S.C.

3. South Walton, Fla.

4. Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

5. La Jolla Beach, San Diego, Calif.

Best Beaches of Europe

Tourist resorts appeal to the traveler who enjoys the convenience of nearby restaurants, nightclubs and bars, as well as the many on-site amenities provided. But you may have found that the added stress inherent in these overcrowded facilities outweighs the benefits of the hot stone massages you can have there. You're not exactly antisocial. Perhaps you've just had sand kicked in your face one too many times. or you're tired of dodging Frisbees and footballs on the beach. Now it's time for some peace and quiet.

So what to do? Pack a picnic lunch, a good read and a swimsuit (or not!) and head for the road less traveled. Here's a list of undiscovered beaches to help you navigate that road. And where does it lead? Away from the crowds. Wear sunscreen and enjoy your book!

1. Croatia's best beach for bathing in your birthday suit - If you're a sun worshipper who prefers to bathe sans swimsuit, Croatia boasts some 20 official naturist resorts as well as numerous naturist beaches and hidden coves. Nudist Camp Beach, Vrboska, Hvar, has a bistro and grocery store as well as a pleasant pebble beach. Take the ferry from Trogir and get off at Starigrad. Go straight out the exit road and look for signs. A friendly, multi-purpose beach, this place attracts Czech, Danish, German and British visitors, but is rarely crowded. Wind surfing in the buff? Why not give it a whirl?

2. France's best strolling tan - The secluded, sandy beaches of Belle Ile en Mer are accessible by ferry from Quiberon. Located just off the coast of Brittany, this is the largest of the French islands in the Atlantic; its powdery sand beaches, freshwater creeks and excellent water-sports conditions are unsurpassed in the region, yet the area tends to be relatively uncrowded. The beach at Locmaria has delightful footpaths along which visitors can explore the coastal landscape at their leisure-while getting a remarkable tan.

3. Germany's sunny secret - Germany's East Frisian Islands, along the North Sea coastline, have miles of sandy beaches frequented mainly by nude sunbathers. Few visitors are aware of this stretch and, as such, you're likely to have a beach to yourself. These islands also have quaint fishing villages, seal watching opportunities, as well as an ancient language and culture.

4. Greece: What Greek locals know - While most of Greece's beaches are pebbly, Skiathos boasts soft sand as well as a quaint Old Town section. What's more, this area is relatively undiscovered when compared to touristy Mykonos, Rhodes and Corfu. As a result, Skiathos is said to be the Greeks' favorite island. It is one of the Sporades group in the northwestern Aegean and can be reached by ferry from either Kimi or Volos.

5. Italy: Sardinia's best bronzing - Far from the crowds and about 31 miles southwest of Cagliari, La Costa del Sud has unspoiled beaches and many hidden coves to explore. The area also boasts crystal clear water and a temperate climate. Torre di Chia beach is easily accessible by bus from Cagliari. Capo Spartivento-the next beach over-is quite a bit larger and has two lovely islands on which to bronze oneself.

6. Spain's shy person's pick - If you're in need of some quiet time away from the crowds, head for the Costa Brava. This rugged coast, which stretches from Blanes to the French border, boasts rocky cliffs and miles of sandy beaches. The drive along this coastal road is spectacular: Greek, Roman, Phoenician and Arabic ruins dot the landscape as do fortified villages from the days of the pirate invasions. The beaches along the route are the country's most secluded.

7. Spain's original (and still best) nude beaches - Ibiza was the first place in Spain to offer nude beaches and it still has some great beaches for those who like to let it all hang out! El Cavallet in Cabo Falcon-with it's rolling sand dunes and many secluded areas-offers great sunbathing. Families flock to the northern end, while the south is a popular gay hangout. Another beach worth donning the birthday suit to is nearby Aguas Blancas. Be warned, it can get very crowded in July and August.

8. Ireland's rugged best - Just seven miles from Wexford Town, Curracloe Beach is an unspoiled and sandy white strand. Adjacent to a protected pine forest, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The water here is like champagne and the beach is rarely crowded. If you've seen Saving Private Ryan, you may feel a sense of d้jเ vu as you stroll along the strand: the D-Day Normandy landing scenes were filmed here.

Michael Russell

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Wreck Beach, British Columbia: World's Top 10 Nude Beaches Number 3.

Wreck Beach is one of the largest officially clothing optional beaches in the world. It is part of Pacific Spirit Regional Park, which is in turn part of the University Endowment Lands just west of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The clothing optional section is clearly marked with signs and stretches approximately 6.5 km from Acadia Beach in the north, down to the Booming Grounds Creek on the north arm of the Fraser River. The park is administered by the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), though aboriginal claims are repeatedly asserted.

Acadia Beach - Tower Beach - Point Grey
The shoreline throughout this section of Wreck Beach is mainly rocky with some sandy stretches and there are fewer beach goers here. An area is provided for owners to have their dogs off leash. During the smelt season, naturists share this area with clothed fishers and their families. Smelt fishing is typically prohibited from the middle of June to the middle of August.
Acadia Beach is short walk down a gentle slope from the parking lot on Marine Drive. There is a grassy area here with several picnic tables. Tower Beach is at the end of the much longer Trail 3 and Point Grey is near the steeper Trail 4. There is no place to park by either Trail 3 or 4. All of Wreck Beach is connected and it is possible to walk from one area to another. However, if the tide is too high, access can be limited.
Along Tower Beach are two tall concrete searchlight towers that are relics from World War II. Just south of these towers is Point Grey, called Ulksen in the local Salish language.
Along with lush vegetation, various forms of wildlife can also be seen, including nesting herons, sea lions, kingfishers, and occasionally, bald eagles.

Wreck Beach proper
While the entire beach within Pacific Spirit Regional Park, clear around Point Grey, is often referred to as Wreck Beach, the large sandy area on the north side of the North Arm Breakwater at the base of Trail 6 is what most think of when they talk about Wreck Beach. The trail is the most developed of the trails down the bluff and consists of approximately 400 wooden steps. This section of the beach is the most heavily used. Here, black market vendors sell clothing, drinks, snacks, sunscreen, as well as alcoholic beverages and marijuana.
Nudity is optional throughout Wreck Beach; however, regular beach-goers consider it good etiquette to join the unclothed rather than just observe them. Additionally, due to Wreck Beach's proximinity to the University of British Columbia, many students, most of whom are not nudists, can be found at Wreck Beach.
While many people assume that clothing-optional beaches and resorts are for adults only (and some are), it is common to see families with children and teenagers enjoying Wreck Beach.

Trail 7
The area inside the North Arm Jetty, where the breakwater begins, is an extremely gay-friendly section. The trail has recently been improved with the addition of handrails and better stairs. The ocean here is more stagnant and polluted--not usually considered suitable for swimming.
At the bottom of the trail you can choose to go right (northwest) or left (southeast). There is a sandy spit several hundred meters to the northwest, where there is often a crowd. There are numerous small pockets of sand along the trail in both directions. There are also a number of small trails, all along this area, that lead into secluded areas in the woods that are sometimes used for romantic trysts.

Wreck Beach adjoins the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus, west of the city limits of Vancouver. It is accessible by road, water, and public buses. The most popular part, Trail 6, is 3 km overland from Vancouver.
TransLink runs a number of bus routes (4, 9, 17, 25, 41, 43, 44, 49, 84, 99, 258, and 480) to the UBC bus loop. From there it is a five-minute walk west, down University Boulevard, to UBC Gate 6 (from which Trail 6 takes it name). Turn right on S.W. Marine Drive and the trail is immediately to the left about 100 meters.
From Highway 99, turn west on one of these roads: S.W. Marine Drive, 41st Avenue (which eventually merges onto S.W. Marine Drive) or 16th Avenue (which eventually ends at S.W. Marine Drive, then turn right). Alternatively, from the north only, take the 4th Avenue exit off the Granville Street Bridge (then from 4th Avenue, turn right on N.W. Marine Drive).

From Highway 1, take the Grandview Highway exit (28A) westbound (this eventually becomes 12th Avenue), turn right (north) on Clark Drive, left again (west) on 6th Avenue (this eventually becomes 4th Avenue), and then turn right on N.W. Marine Drive.

Wreck Beach lies at the base of a cliff. Therefore, the trails all are fairly steep. Trail 6 and Trail 7 both have stairs, Trail 6 being the better developed of the two. The path from the Acadia Beach parking lot is the most gentle slope and provides the easiest access to a clothing-optional area. When the tide is not too high, it is possible to walk along the entire shore: from Acadia Beach past the base of Trail 7. Erosion can make the route south of Trail 6 a bit tricky, and it can often be quite muddy.

There is a small parking lot at Acadia Beach, a pay parking lot south of Trail 6 and several pay parking lots on the UBC campus. Free parking is also allowed all along the east side of S.W. Marine Drive (opposite the cliff side) and along Old Marine Drive. Illegally parked vehicles are often towed away.

The GVRD provides limited sanitary facilities. There are outhouses by the Acadia Beach parking lot and at the tops of Trails 6 and 7 and there are also portable toilets at the base of Trail 6. There is no running water, so many visitors bring their own. A few times over the years, the health authorities have issued warnings that the beach is too contaminated for swimming.

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Little Beach Maui HAWAII: World's Top 10 Nude Beaches Number 10.

It all began in 1969...

...when the hippies began showing up on Maui to create a handful of settlements with colorful names such as Banana Patch, Soul Acres and Trouble Gulch.

At Makena, a shantytown was carved into the thick kiawe forest on the edge of Oneloa Beach, commonly called Big Beach, and at several neighboring beaches. In those days, nudity was the norm.

Off the beach, the strange newcomers clashed with the establishment and were accused of freeloading and stealing. Mayor Elmer Cravalho scolded both sides at a Kihei Community Association meeting in March 1970.

To those who didn't like the newcomers, Cravalho said that his own grandfather might have been called a hippie and shipped back to Portugal if he had been judged on his appearance when he first came to Hawai'i.

To the hippies, he said hiding in the "boondocks at Makena'' was cowardly and that they should get involved in the community.

By late 1969, the police were raiding the place on a regular basis, looking for runaways, draft-dodgers and nude sunbathers.

U.S. Marshal Howard Tagomori, a former Maui Police Department vice officer, remembers driving on the dirt road to Makena in the early 1970s with a handful of officers to make busts.

"We were friends with most of the guys,'' recalled Tagomori, who later became Maui's police chief. "It was like a game. We would talk story with them.''

The Makena colony grew to 300 to 400 people before it was largely evicted in 1972.

But nude sunbathing persisted at Makena's more remote beach, Little Beach, which is tucked behind Pu'u Ola'i and separated from Big Beach by a 30-foot bluff.

By the 1980s, nude sunbathing at Little Beach was well-established.

Californian Peter Rowley had read about the beach in a tourist book in 1981, and when he finally saw it, he was astonished by its beauty and peace.

"It was the embodiment of a totally relaxed, idealistic culture,'' he said. "It was amazingly beautiful, completely in a natural state. The people were friendly, and they were enjoying the fact they weren't wearing anything.''

It wasn't long before Rowley was a daily fixture. He joined a core group of regulars who looked after the beach, hauled out trash, acted as lifeguards and welcomed newcomers.

The group organized the Friends of Little Beach, and Rowley published a newsletter that was sent to 2,500 people. He became known as "the Mayor of Little Beach."

Another thing happened in the '80s that had a significant effect: Hannibal Tavares was elected mayor of Maui County. The former police officer was adamantly opposed to nude sunbathing, and he instructed police to aggressively enforce the county's indecent exposure law.

Dozens of visitors and locals were arrested in police sweeps, but many of the cases didn't stick.

The Little Beach sunbathers had a friend in District Court Judge John Vail, who threw out a number of arrests of women for topless sunbathing. Vail ruled that baring only your breasts didn't meet the definition of nudity. He rejected other cases after ruling that Little Beach was not easily accessible to the public and, therefore, nudity at the beach was not likely to be observed by those who would be affronted or alarmed.

In response, authorities proposed a staircase over the bluff that leads to Little Beach, but that proposal never came to fruition.

When police attempts to enforce the law were stymied, the state Department of Land and Natural Resources stepped up enforcement of a law barring nudity at state parks. By that time, the area had become Makena State Park.

Rowley was singled out, arrested and convicted in a trial, but the case was appealed to the Hawai'i Supreme Court, which struck down the conviction in 1989 on a technicality: The justices determined the state had failed to hold a full public hearing during the development of its park rules.

Tavares' time in office ended shortly thereafter and the political winds shifted.
The 1990s were relatively peaceful years...

The 1990s were relatively peaceful years...

...for the nude sunbathers. Rowley moved to Las Vegas, and another Little Beach regular, Tom Collins, took over as "Mayor of Little Beach."

Dick Hyers, the former exchequer, said the beach today exists in a harmonious confluence of groups that include new-styled hippies, gays, tourists and "your average Joe Blows, 35 and up, married with children, taxpayers and business owners.''

On Sundays, the hippies throw a large sunset celebration featuring a circle of drums and other instruments. The dancing continues into the night.

The Friends of Little Beach/Maui SunSeekers is still going strong, with members enjoying holiday potlucks in addition to socializing on the beach. Dick Hyers has moved on, and now Dave Swanson heads up the group.

Hundreds of visitors return year after year to a place known internationally as one of the top nude beaches in the world. There's a group of 10 to 20 couples from all over North America, for example, who meet on the beach every February.

The beauty of Little Beach is the complete lack of social barriers. With no clothes to indicate social status, there is nothing to separate rich industrialists or high-powered surgeons from waiters or cab drivers. They're all just as naked.

After a decade of tranquility, however, conflict over the practice of nude sunbathing has emerged again. Native Hawaiian representatives on a committee convened by the state to make recommendations on a master plan for Makena State Park have been pushing for limits.

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Four Mile Beach Port Douglas Australia

Four Mile Beach Port Douglas
This is the premier beach of Port Douglas. From the main Port Douglas district, you can walk to the beach in under 5 minutes and then continue to walk along the sandy beach for hours under the tropical sun. 4-Mile Beach begins at the northern rocky headland - great for kids to explore and play with the small crabs that make the beach their home. Then the 4 miles of beach unfold in a gentle curve that continues as far as the eye can see, without a hint of development. In fact, the accommodation and houses are neatly hidden behind the swaying palms.

Note: This beach has a stinger net during the stinger season. When the stinger net is in place, please only swim inside its protective barriers. Swimming outside the nets exposes you to unnecessary dangers.

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Cable Beach, Broome Australia

Cable Beach is renowned as one of the most stunning beaches in the world, with twenty-two kilometres of pristine white sands fringing the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Washed clean every day by tides that can reach over nine metres, Cable Beach provides the ideal safe environment for swimming and relaxation. Caution however is required between November and March when stingers may be present.

Cable Beach takes its name from the telegraph cable that was laid between Broome and Java in 1889 and today it provides the perfect location to enjoy the magnificent Broome sunsets.

There are a variety of watersport activities available.

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All Inclusive Resorts - Sunscape The Beach Punta Cana

Sunscape The Beach Punta Cana is located on the north east coast of the Dominican Republic & 50 minutes from Punta Cana airport. With one of the finest oceanfront location on the Caribbean island and protected by a coral reef, the all-inclusive Sunscape The Beach Punta Cana provides the perfect escape to turquoise blue water, white sand, and a forest of palm trees. For friends, families, and couples - the place for outstanding scenery, tranquility and hospitality is right here.

This amazing new all inclusive has everything on site for your perfect holiday, from a 24hr room service with selected menu to movies shown on a full-sized screen right on the beach! A Lazy River swimming pool meanders through the whole property - perfect for an inner-tube ride and is divided from the free-form pool by a waterfall. The spa & Fitness Center at Sunscape Beach will pamper, relax and renew providing a wonderful retreat, large sun terraces and gardens, towel-service for the pool and beach, daily entertainment with a variety of both land and water activities; fully supervised children activities at the Explorer's Kids Club with game room, television, kitchenette, live stage and nap area, children's pool; outdoor theatre with nightly entertainment including live shows and theme parties on the beach; disco, weekly Managers' cocktail party; four soft surface lighted tennis courts, tennis clinics, water sports center on the beach, diving center on the beach and Jacuzzi; bank/exchange office, tour desk and concierge service. Shuttle to casino at Secrets Excellence with drinks included. The Beach Punta Cana all inclusive resort is non-stop fun for everyone!

The resort offers a wide selection of 616 luxurious air-conditioned guest rooms in 9 connecting 3-storey buildings. A majority of the rooms provide full views of the Caribbean Sea and the most magnificent scenery in the Dominican Republic. A number of magnificent Deluxe and Honeymoon guest rooms and suites offer private Jacuzzis or swim-out pool access. All suites and guest rooms offer superior amenities including 2 queens or 1 king size bed, and fully equipped bathroom with hairdryer. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, 25" satellite TV with remote control, direct telephone, in room safety deposit box (free of charge), mini-bar, and coffee makers.

This all-inclusive resort offers wide choice of dining options for the most discerning palate which include the following restaurants: Continental, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Seafood, Tex-Mex as well as 3 buffet restaurants and 7 bars including Swim-up bar and Pool bar. All restaurants feature smoking and non-smoking sections.

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Top Notch Choices For Traveling In The Caribbean Islands

If you have never traveled to the islands of the Caribbean you don’t know what you’re missing, it is truly paradise if such a place exists. The Caribbean Sea runs from South America up to the Gulf of Mexico and meets with the Atlantic Ocean on the East.

It is not surprising that it is the vacation destination of choice for North and South America with natural beauty rarely seen any where else on the planet. Some of the islands feature lush mountains lined with coconut trees and valleys filled with sugar cane and bananas but it is the beaches and the azure waters that bring people back time after time.

When you see how beautiful the Caribbean Islands are you will understand why the British, Spanish, and the French fought over them for centuries after the area was found by Columbus when he got lost trying to find a short cut to India. You will still find the influences of the former colonial dictatorships on St. Croix, Bermuda, Aruba, and other islands with a mixture of both the native cultures and the culture of the colonists who settled there.

There are well over fifty distinctive island vacation spots to choose from with some of them, like the Bahamas, having dozens of islands themselves. One thing is sure; you will never be cold in the Caribbean!

The island of New Providence in the Bahamas is sometimes called Nassau by mistake because that is where the capital of the Bahamas is located. This island, which is a short hop from the east coast of Florida, is home to the majority of Bahamians and is also an offshore financial center with millions of dollars being invested and sheltered there. There is also of course, the famous shopping on Bay Street and the little side streets nearby. Be sure to take in the flavor of the local music as well, which is as famous as the azure waters around the islands.

Another top choice in the Bahamas is Eleuthera, one of the outermost islands and also one of the least developed. If it is your goal to go to a beautiful place that is sparsely populated and a little more primitive, this would be my suggestion. Eleuthera has little night life to speak of, unless you consider the little bar, Elvira’s where Lenny Kravitz is known to hang out sometimes. Lenny owns a house there, his mom is Bahamian.

Almost anyplace you stay will be walking distance to the beach and the different areas of the island are so diverse you would probably have to make several trips to be able to appreciate them all. We stayed for a month and still didn’t get to see everything we wanted. You will definitely want a rental car though because the taxi service is unreliable at best and there is no public transportation. Picking up hitch hikers is an everyday occurrence and a fun way to integrate into the culture.

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Miami Beach Vacations

A vacation in a Miami Beach is one of the best beach vacations in the US. The transportation, beautiful hotels and sparkling beaches make for a vacation that is an unforgettable and delightful experience. Considered one of the best city beaches in the world, Miami Beach offers the best deal for family vacations and honeymooners.

To get the best bargain for your Miami vacation, you will need to browse the Internet and look for travel sites that will help you identify the most popular hotels, restaurants and beaches. As you research the details you will also get a tentative estimate of the various facilities available and their costs. A little research will save you lot of precious holiday time, and you need not move around scouting for information during your holidays.

In Miami, you can cherish your vacations in the Art Deco District, the 10-block stretch of Ocean Drive in the South Beach. Here you can choose to visit a chic combination of restaurants, boutiques, produce markets, outdoor cafes and nightclubs. You can also take your family to the palm-shaded beach side of Ocean Drive, which boasts a wide, sandy beach and a play area for children.

There are a wide variety of beaches in Miami that you can enjoy during your holidays. While some beaches are fun for people-watching, there are others that offer watersports and recreational facilities. You can also visit the Art Deco Historic District in the South Beach area. The district has buildings from the 1920s that are painted in vivid pink, turquoise and lavender. The Art Deco Historic District is one of the biggest areas on the US National Register of Historic Places. You can also choose to participate in several other activities like volleyball, in-line skating, swimming, sunning or people watching. Whatever your budget or the time of year, Miami promises you entertainment and fun that is ‘simply unlimited’.

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Whitehaven Beach Australia

Whitehaven Beach is located in the Whitsunday Islands and Airlie Beach Region. Whitehaven Beach is almost 6km long and consists of a very fine dazzling white sand that is 98% pure Silica!

Most overnight vessels in the Whitsundays include Whitehaven Beach if possible during their voyages around the islands. Try polishing your jewelry in the sand while you laze on the beach !

The name Whitehaven Bay was given in 1879 by Staff Commander E.P. Bedwell, RN, in SS Llewellyn, being one of the many names from the then English county of Cumberland he brought to the area following on from Cook's 1770 naming of the group ‘The Cumberland Isles'. Whitehaven is a town on the shore of Solway Firth. The name is particularly apt because the bay and its environs carry a large deposit of pure white silica sand giving the area a dazzling white clean appearance and this may have influenced Bedwell in his naming.

The sand is minute powder-size grains of quartz and has been assayed at 99.89% pure, well above the minimum requirement for glass-making and suitable for the finest glass for optical lenses for binoculars etc. Its origin is not known definitely but geologists say it does not have a local origin as rocks of the Whitsunday area are quartz-poor. They think the most likely explanation is that it is the result of a longshore drift system which brings sand from the south along the Queensland coast, very evident in the Gold Coast/Fraser Island area. The Whitehaven sand is so pure it indicates that during the drift all heavy mineral sands and other impurities have been winnowed out leaving the quartz sand. Probably there is an eddy effect in Whitehaven Bay which causes the sand to drop out and accumuulate there.

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Top ten Australian Beaches

Getaway takes a look at the best of Australia's beaches!

Number One is straight off the cover of a Queensland tourist brochure - Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island.
For a cruisey way to get there, take a day's yacht trip from the mainland town of Shute Harbour.

Cable Beach near Broome in WA comes second and it's the kind of beach where people spend a lot of time.
The crocodile farm is a short crawl away and if you make your way to the rocks at Cabel's southern end, you'll find dinosaur footprints in them. It's around $130 for a resort room next to the sand or $13 at the local backpackers.

Four Mile Beach near Port Douglas in Queensland washes up in third place.
And it's safe swimming all year round because part of it's netted between November and May to keep out the stingers.

Number four is Eastern Beach on Fraser Island.
But you might have to dodge the traffic, because it's officially classified as a road.
So if you don't have your own four-wheel drive, hire one from the mainland and ferry it across.

Number five, the beaches of Byron Bay in northern NSW.
You'll find 50km stretches of sand as well as small secluded bays and, if you're lucky, you'll share the waves with the dolphins.

Number six is Shell Beach, which runs for more than 100km along the coast near Monkey Mia in WA.
And 10m down, the shells are so tightly packed they can be carved into building blocks.

Wineglass Bay on Tasmania's Freycinet Peninsula is at number seven and it isn't easy to reach by land.
So, if you don't fancy the hour-long walk, take a boat and see some of the peninsula on the way.

Stay in Tassie for number eight and the friendly beaches.
It's national park, so if you want to drive to the campsite, you'll need a permit for the car.

At nine, Sorrento, south of Melbourne, the rich and fashionable pay about $500 a night for place like this, while the rest of us can pitch a tent by the sand.

Four hours south of Sydney, Pebbly Beach may be 10th, but you can't beat it for animal magnetism. Roos and local bird life can't resist the free feed and with no electricity on the campsite, you'll really get back to nature.

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World's Top 10 Nude Beaches

Here's a Top 10 list of nude beaches around the world. from the Travel Channel

10. Little Beach, Hawaii: Little Beach is an isolated strand surrounded by high shrubs, craggy volcanic rocks and driftwood. Although nude sunbathing is illegal in Hawaii, the law has not been enforced here for years.

9. Red, White and Blue Beach, California: Red, White and Blue Beach has been the choice of Bay area naturists for more than 30 years. Nudity is allowed from the parking lot to the beach.

8. Haulover Beach, Florida: Just north of Miami lies one of the few county-run and government-sanctioned clothing-optional beaches in the United States.

7. Red Beach, Greece: With its cobalt blue waters, sun-bleached cottages, ancient ruins and red sandstone cliffs, Crete's Red Beach is picturesque to say the least. Made famous in 1968 when hippies from across Europe flocked to its shores, the resort at Red Beach has remained a naturist favorite for its rustic charm and its tolerance (nudity is allowed everywhere except the dining room).

6. Praia do Pinho, Brazil: Although the barely-there, dental-floss bikini debuted here, nude beaches in Brazil are somewhat rare. However, naturism has caught on in some parts of the country, including Praia do Pinho (a.k.a. Pinho Beach), located in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

5. Hedonism II, Jamaica: Unlike most other nude beaches, Hedonism II promotes a freewheeling and indulgent naturist experience for playful singles and couples.

4. Samurai Beach, Australia: As one of the sportiest nude beaches worldwide, it is only appropriate that Samurai Beach hosts the annual Nude Olympics every November. Events include the Nude Torch Relay, Nude Surfing and the Nude Beach Girl and Guy Competition. What a sight this must be!

3. Wreck Beach, British Columbia: Just several hundred steps below the University of British Columbia, the three-mile-long beach is a wildlife and nesting area for both bald eagles and bald bodies.

2. Ocho Rios, Jamaica: The site for nude novices is the Couples Resort in Ocho Rios, a popular Jamaican port-of-call.

1. Montalivet, France: Travelers looking for an authentic nude beach experience should go to Centre Hélio Montalivet, the birthplace of the international naturist movement.

Nude Beaches: Cool Beach of the World

A nude beach (aka clothing-optional beach, free beach or European-style beach) is a beach where the users generally wear no clothing, while a topfree beach or topless beach is one where upper body clothing is not required for women or men, although a swimming costume covering the genitals is required for both men and women. It is one of the most common and traditional forms of public nudity.

People visit nude beaches for many reasons, including because they enjoy being nude or partially nude, because they enjoy looking at people who are nude, because of curiosity, because of personal philosophy, or simply because they believe that there is no reason to wear clothing (see naturism and nudism). Sunbathing with little or no clothing allows a more even sun tan, eliminating tan lines.

Nude beaches are variously known as "FKK" (from the German "Freikörperkultur"), "clothing optional" (C.O.) or "free" beaches; they are also described as being "au naturel". (Even though this is not good French for "of nature". The word "naturale" doesn't exist in the French language and "au naturel" is used only for food cooked without preparation. In French, nude beaches are called nudist beaches "plages nudistes" or, better, naturist beaches "plages naturistes".) In UK English the term 'topless beach', or 'nudist beach' is most common.

Most existing nude beaches have been used as such for many years and thus have become "traditionally nude". Many are "unmanaged" beach areas that have been adopted by the local users in an effort to maintain the beach's "quality". Others' right to existence has been recognized as such by one or another legislative body—municipal, regional or national, and are termed "official" (although not necessarily legitimate).

One can distinguish between different types of beaches:

+ Those where nudity is illegal and/or not tolerated. Nudity may result in requests to coverup, uncomfortable glares, a fine or arrest.
+ Those that are unofficially tolerated by the "authorities"
+ "Official" nude beaches
Nudity is compulsory unless the weather is bad, etc.
Clothing is optional (e.g. nudity is permitted but not required)

The clothes free areas tend to be segregated or isolated physically from the non-nude areas. In other instances people maintain a comfortable space between people dressing differently. Signage is often used to inform beach visitors about what to encounter and/or to segregate different areas on the beach. This accommodates people who are not comfortable with nudity (see gymnophobia). This also accommodates beach users who do not like to be watched too much, especially by dressed people.

In the United States, the number of traditional nude beaches has declined somewhat over past decade due to the influx of abusive users, the aging of the nudist community, and the efforts on the part of religious groups, usually Christian fundamentalists, to close them down. However, the number of official nude beaches has, in fact, increased during this period. Most of this increase can be attributed to the ongoing stewardship of local nudist organizations and the establishment of working relationships with—or lobbying of—local municipalities and law enforcement agencies. In fact, clothing-free attractions are increasingly being recognised as being a good source of tourist income.

The users of nude beaches are sometimes the target of enforcement relating to legislation banning public nudity, often because of broad language included in laws or bills intended to target sexually oriented businesses. Clothes free organizations such as the Naturist Action Committee have lobbied against such bills.

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